Yoga Nidra is a relaxing meditation practice which can make you feel like you’ve had four hours of sleep in around 20 minutes. It works by allowing the body to relax in stages – from the physical body, to the breath, then the senses and finally the mind. It could be done whilst your baby is having a nap or before bed to improve the quality of your sleep. On a deeper level it can also help to make you feel empowered and confident due to its effect on stimulating the digestive systems of our body and relieving stress and anxiety.

In order to truly relax we must be still and silent. In Yoga Nidra the body and mind are asleep, whilst your consciousness remains awake. This allows you to have a complete awareness of your body, your mind and your emotions, without your thoughts getting in the way.


Yoga Nidra

by Tracy Bingham | All you need is a blanket and space to lay down, somewhere you can be cosy and warm. If you have any lower back pain, or laying flat is uncomfortable for you, you can put a cushion or pillow under the knees. Or place your feet on the floor and allow the knees to roll in towards one another so the lower back is then supported.

Tracy Bingham, Yoga Teacher

Tracy has a passion for helping her students to move better, breath better and feel better by encouraging them to feel what works best for their unique body with Tracy B.

Understanding breathing

Our breath is generally automatic. However, unlike other systems in the body like the digestive system, we can consciously control our breath. And because there is such an intrinsic link between our breath and emotions – doing exactly that has a profound impact.

Slow deep breaths with pauses between the inhale and exhale will make you feel calm and in control. And if you practice regularly it will also improve the quality of your unconscious breath. In turn decreasing stress and improving physical and mental health.

Block Breath, also known as Box Breathing, is a breathing technique designed to calm. It can be done anywhere, and even three or four breaths can dramatically change the way you are feeling. What’s not to love? Even the Navy Seals use this one to control their anxiety and stress levels.

Breathing Meditation Audio

Breathing Meditation

by Tracy Bingham | Follow Tracy's voice as she guides you through this simple meditation exercise which focuses your mind and body on your breathing, following its natural rhythm and giving you a chance to mindfully feel each inhale and exhale as you begin to relax.

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