I'm Panicking Now...

Tried and tested resources to get you through this.

If you are feeling stressed and anxious right now, then drop your shoulders and shake the tension out of you. 

Are you aware of your breathing when you feel anxious?

Do you notice how you are breathing quite rapidly and quite high up in your chest?

When you are anxious, both your mind and your body are stressed. 

Box Breathing – simple and calming

Follow yoga teacher and breath work expert, Tracy Bingham, as she guides you through Block or Box Breathing. A simple technique, which anyone can do, to focus your mind and help to alleviate stress.

Help yourself to calm your anxiety through your breathing

If you are not in immediate danger, it’s time to calm either your mind or your body.

Trying to calm your mind through thinking is a bit like trying to explain to a tantruming child why they don’t need to do what they are doing! Explanations never ever work until the child is calmer. And however old we are, whether we are two, or 82, when we are emotionally aroused, we can’t think clearly. 

Remember this. Strong emotions, whether it’s happiness, sadness, anger, or frustration, when they are big they impede our ability to think clearly.  

This video teaches you more about the 7-11 breathing technique, known to calm you in moments of stress and anxiety. 

Learn about the 7-11 breathing technique:

How to incorporate this technique into your day to day life:

Bindi Gauntlett is a motherhood mentor and founder of the guilt-free mum programme. She has worked with mums for more than 30 years and is a mum, a step-mum and grandmother herself. She has worked as a health visitor, parenting specialist and psychotherapist and witnessed thousands of women going through the changes of motherhood.