About Maternal Balance

About Maternal Balance

As mums we are all experts in anxiety. Most of us experience it one way or another. My anxiety manifested itself through a lack of focus and concentration. But as a tired new mum with a stressful new job, we often think this is just part and parcel of our new life.

Having always been incredibly lucky with my mental health, the tears and the tantrums I was having were alien to me. I had wonderful support from my husband and family and I found a fabulous psychologist who helped me understand why I was feeling this way and what I could do about it. But the support system I had isn’t available to everyone.

The more I spoke about my experiences, the more mums said ‘me too’. That’s why I wanted to create Maternal Balance. A safe space in which to breathe, learn, understand and help ourselves. I truly hope it helps you on your path to recovery.

Helen x

Helen Hyde

Our Experts

Maternal Balance is incredibly grateful to the experts who have given their time and experience to this website. Please do visit their websites. They’re all incredibly lovely people who are always happy to have a chat. They also provide a wealth of workshops, classes and private consultancy sessions. Do use and support them financially if you can. They will be invaluable to the recovery of your mental health.